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Six Week Course

An entertaining journey through the world of wine over six evenings. One evening per week for six weeks will give you the perfect opportunity to get to grips with the world's wine styles, and equip you for a vinous journey into the future of discovery and risk-free purchases. A tried and tested programme based around the world's best known grape varieties, each week we will taste a range of well chosen example wines and discover your true favourites and why they work for you. Our six week courses will start in October 2014 (or earlier if there is interest! Go on - get in touch!).

Week 1
Light Whites
From the familiar Sauvignon Blanc to the more rarefied Grüner Veltliner, discover the range of crisp dry light whites and what makes them taste the way they do.

Week 2
Full Whites
Think you know all about Chardonnay? Think again! Along with other rich white styles, this week will be all about the winemaking choices that create such a difference in the glass.

Week 3
Rosés and light reds
Being in Provence, there is no better place to discuss the various styles of Rosé and how they come to be made? We will then link into the lighter more chillable and widely food-friendly lighter reds of the world.

Week 4
Dry reds in the French Style
From deep Burgundy to the classic Bordeaux styles, discover some of France's classic grapes, from a variety of origins.

Week 5
Big reds
What happens when black grapes meet lots of sunshine? Find out with this exploration of the richer red wines of the world, beginning with the South of France and exploring Spain, Italy and the warmer regions of the New World.

Week 6
The Grapes of Froth!
All about fizz. From light fruity Prosecco to the most biscuity of Champagnes, discover how wine is made sparkling and the diversity of styles on offer. We'll also chat briefly about sweet wines.

The cost per person of our six week course will be €595, to include all wine samples and information notes.

Contact the Riviera Wine Academy here to be updated about forthcoming courses, venues and availabilities.

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